Friday, January 22, 2010

floral forays

If it were up to me, I'd have all sorts of flora inside and outside of my apartment, but Mike raises his eyebrows when I start to wander through the plant section of the farmer's market. This is not to say that he's any sort of evil, plant-hating dictator, it's that he knows my history of inadvertently killing most plants that come into my possession. It started in college when I killed an orchid, a miniature rose plant, and a bonsai. Much to my dismay, my skills have not improved and I've been fully or partially responsible for killing a poinsettia, a chrysanthemum, a lavender plant, a succulent, and a marigold within the last couple years. This is all to say that instead of trying to grow any more flowers, I've taken to making my own. I'm not quite sure that I'm sold on the colors, but I'm experimenting with shapes and textures. I decided not to trace anything beforehand as I want each to be unique, complete with its own flaws.

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  1. mich your work is looking super beautiful (as always)! also, i have also killed a succulent which apparently you have to be pretty bad with plants to do since they stay alive in the toughest of situations. we'll both have to work extra hard to develop green thumbs. :)